We at Zadie's understand the importance of the decision you are faced with making for your child, but rest assured you've come to the best place - a very special place. Zadie's Nurturing Den is designed around the requirements of working parents. Our normal hours are long, the meals prepared are excellent, and the care exceptional.

Contact Details

  City Summit , NJ
  Zip Code 07901
  Address 1 Walnut Strt
  Phone Number (908) 277-8584

  • I would recommend this business
  • Hours (7-7) are perfect for working/commuting parents. Exceptional care.

Zadie's has become an extension of our family as they have cared for my son over the last year. The caregivers provide love, structure, fun activities, and hugs. They love what they do and are held to a very high standard. The children are always learning and developing their skills. At two, my son knows the alphabet very well, counts to twenty, and is beginning to read three-letter words. He also knows his left and right, and is starting to learn the days of the week. All of this is because his caregivers provide a lot of fun activities that are always opportunities for learning.

Value for money
Service & supportA great staff who loves children and is very supportive of families.
QualityIndividualized attention, loving care, academic excellence
LocationRight near the train station in Summit.
Overall ratingExcellent