Purpose: I am looking for employment in which I will be able to utilize my extensive experience in childcare. I have been working for many years, inside classrooms as well as in the field, in order to better care for, teach, and instruct others in the childcare industry. I feel that myexperience, as well as my eagerness to learn would make me a great asset, and increase my ability as a teacher as well as a student.

Education: Purdue Calumet Hammond, In. I am currently enrolled in the elementary and special education program, with a minor in English Literature. My program is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2012. I will be starting this fall out at Montgomery College in Germantown, MD.

Work History:
Tiffany Menchi
From: Feb. 2008 to: present
Title: Nanny
Description: For the past two years I have aided in the care of a newborn, grown toddler. I am responsible for scheduling her meals, as well as naps and activities while she is in my care.

From: September 2000 to: June 2005
Title: After school site director, day camp counselor
Description: During the school year, I Ran the after school program at Harding Elementary for the YMCA. My duties entailed creating curriculums and activities, as well as helping with school work, and the general guidance of the children. I planned arts and crafts, as well as bulletin boards to showcase the children’s work. I also scheduled outside fieldtrips and inventoried games and supplies, during summer months I was employed with the day camp program in which I programed games and curriculums for the children as well as other counselors.

Camp Oak Hills, Saginaw council of girl scouts
From: June 2003 to: August 2003
Title: Unit leader
Description: As unit leader for the resident camp, I cared for all of the children’s needs while at camp. I was in charge of planning all of the games and activities, as well as the camp fires and cookouts. I taught them how to play games, sing songs, and honor the Girl Scout’s ideology.

Camp McCormick, Rock River Valley council of girl scouts
From: June 1998 to: August 1999
Title: Assistant unit leader
Description: For two summers I was responsible for the care of numerous children. I taught them songs and games and aided in the planning of activities and off camp events such as canoe trips and wilderness training.

Leone Beach Jr. Guards Camp
From: June 1991 to: August 1998
Title: Leader/ recreation leader

Description: From the summer of ’91 to ’96 I was a volunteer leader for the guard’s camp. I aided in the training of general swimmers. In ’96 I entered into a recreational leader where my duties extended to training campers as well as jr. life guards, and life guards to be. I taught basic life guard skills, boating, and CPR. During the winter months, I worked as a leader on the swim team and continued to teach swimming and rescue techniques.

Key Skills

I began working as a camp counselor at the age of thirteen. I was a volunteer counselor at Leone Beach Jr. Guards, where i taught lifeguarding, and CPR to campers. At sixteen they hired me as recreational leader. At 18 i went to work for the girls scouts in various resident camps. i started as an asst. unit leader, was asked to come back for a second season where i was a unit leader. from there I went to another G.S> camp where I was a unit leader. I worked at the YMCE for two summers a s day camp counselor, one school year as afterschool counselor/ Site Director, and one school year as the site director. I love working at camp it is so much goofy fun. Even though at times its hard I love it. Teaching the children and counselors different activities is awesome. I enjoy singing songs, playing, games, being organized, and having fun.

I have also taken preschool 1-3 in school. I am a junior in college and i am studying elementary education/special ed. I have made lesson plans and curriculums, and I helped in planning the lay out of a preschool. I have also lead a weekend river trip while working at thegirl scouts. I helped in keeping people calm during a very crazy storm and tornado. Everyone was freaking out and crying i just started telling counselor "you sing song", "you play games", "you do art stuff" and things like that it helped alot.

Educational Details

Almost complete with four year elementary education course.

Acceptable Locations

Germantown, MD. or Frederick, MD

Desired Salary


Total Experience

15 years

Year of Birth

1980, female

Currently Employed


Name & Surname

Janice Migwans

Phone Number


City & State

Germantown, Maryland