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The Child Education Center CEC is a complete-service, full-time day care center and preschool, licensed by the State of California to supply care for kids from three months of age to five or six years 1st grade entry. The center's ample grounds and surrounding neighborhoods offer abundant space for exploring outside and in our huge, airy, well-lit classrooms.

We're a school-age program and activities range from day to day. The kids are able to enjoy the flexibility while still being able to do things that interest them. While we know they need structure, the kids are allowed to aid shape it . We have found that in allowing, with our guidance, the kids to participate in the program structure, they earn a sense of ownership and a sense of responsibility to

Color Me Children has two schools serving the East Bay, one in Berkeley, and one in Oakland. Both schools specialize in delivering a safe and fun learning environment for preschool-aged kids. Color Me Children's philosophy is that education is knowledge. You can always find something to do as long as you have an education. We understand that kids are natural learners.

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The Bay Area Kinderstube BAKS is a German-language preschool for kids between the ages of 2 and 5. Our goal is to make German language development an important part of the social-emotional, physical, and cognitive development of the child. The BAKS program seeks to stimulate language ability through play and theme-based preschool activities.

We look ahead to getting to know your child. Our Home based Daycare addresses each child individually. My goal is to establish confidence and love of learning, giving each child a solid foundation for a healthy and cheerful life. I invite you to learn more about us and to visit our facility. A Home Daycare with a Preschool environment!

Adventure Time is a great place for children! Adventure Time is a before and after school day care program situated on elementary school campuses for kids in grades Kindergarten through 6, licensed by the State of California Department of Social Services. There are thirty different locations in seven Bay Area cities, and we're growing all the time!

Sophia Project serves kids and families who are at risk of recurring homelessness and its effects. We are situated in a low income neighborhood in West Oakland. Our programs include infant and toddler program and care, early childhood education, extended hours of childcare, a before and after school program which includes both tutoring and care, artistic activities, a weekend respite program, parenting

BANANAS is a non-profit child care referral and support agency serving the diverse families in Northern Alameda County, California. We supply free parenting information, workshops and referrals to family child care, child care centers, preschools, babysitters, in-home caregivers, nannies and playgroups. We supply subsidized child care for parents in need.

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