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I just had my first experience at the West Seattle YMCA today. (I am not a member, I was just there to take a lifeguard re-certification class). The entire.

I looked all over for a quality childcare and finally found a great in home daycare. Cleanest daycare I have ever seen and all the kiddies seem so happy.

This childcare facility is so cute! It is like a doll house inside. It is an older place and has been in business for 50 years. The ladies there are all.

What an amazing place to take your little ones when you have to work! My son has been going to the Learning Garden (part of the Bright Horizon's chain) for.

As a former teacher, I've always said that my kid's teachers are gonna hate me. Well, at Bright Horizons (which used to be called The Learning Garden, or.

My daughter is a sitter on this service and will often call clients to confirm a job she has been hired for and they will NEVER call her back. The unreliability goes both ways. This is a great service.

I am very impressed with the care and staff here at North Lake.They took a failed nightclub (bonus points if you knew this used to be a Tommy Africa's.

Not the best daycare, but also not the worst. Staff are very busy therefore the children don't get as much one-on-one as they might at a lower ratio school.

This is the best childcare money can buy! My daughter goes to the onsite care at her school and the summer camp (in the summer of course). The teachers are.

I've been back to the Tot Spot a couple of times now after my first visit, because of the following reasons: -Good coffee-Real dishware (not disposable).

My daughter has been attending this school since the summer of 2002. She will start first grade there this fall, and I wish they had classes for the rest of.

This is the top of the line, cream of the crop day care center; and the tuition reflects it! I taught here for almost 4 years and had my daughter enrolled.

If you're a Teacher or work in childcare this is a great resource center. They also offer some fantastic STARS classes. Check out the.

Agape is a wonderful daycare! The staff are really caring and conscientious. The kids do fun activities every day and have great field trips. Taking your.

This is an affordable and well-oiled drop-in daycare operating in the University District. Maximum 4 hours stay for children per day. There is a daily.

This secret of excellent eduication in the Home of the Good Sheperd. Small classes. Excellent dedicated teachers and very involved and participating.

Our daughter spent 2 years at PMCCP and we feel that the program is the finest in Seattle. The program is incredible and the teachers are heroes. The.

We visited many daycare centers before our son ended up here at Cascade, and we are incredibly happy with our choice. The staff are dedicated to taking care.

PEPS made a big difference in my life.Becoming a parent is easy, you breed. Becoming a good parent is much harder. I wasn't quite sure where to meet new.

I like to get feed back from others. After sending my kid there for the past 3 months, I say I do like the staff and want to say Thank you! because they.

We just switched from Laurelhurst Elementary and LASER on-site childcare to Montlake Elementary and CDSA. I couldn't be happier and I hope my child is, too.

All,If you want quality, dependable, live-in childcare, please do not hesitate to look at this site. My husband and I worked with InterExchange for 8.

Disclaimer: I've never directly contacted this company, but I've had several temporary nannies work for me through an employee benefit (Backup Care).Each.

So, this place is actually a drop-in day care, where you can pay a small fee and leave your 2-6 year old here for 2-4 hours while you get some shopping done.